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Re: Kit lens - first shot

jdoo wrote:

Terry -

Can you post some samples of the problem images you are having with
the kit lens and your 40D? I got mine this afternoon, and by the
time the battery was charged and ready to go - it was getting pretty
dark. I was able to take a few shots in the front yard (lousy
lighting) of my daughter and grandaughter. I expect that once I
figure out settings, get some better light, yadda yadda - I'll get
better shots. Like you said, it takes a while to get comfortable
with a camera, and once you get settings down, things get better -
but I am pretty happy with what I was able to get in the first five
minutes of shooting with the 40D. I came from a 350D.. Here is shot

Joe, Nice photo of your daughter and grandaughter. She has a nice smile I will post a few next week when Im done with this long working weekend.


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