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WOW, P auto mode is WAY off on my D2x / 17-55

Is this ONLY for auto modes? I shoot manual 95% of the time, with a mix of the others thrown in when I'm goofin around shooting surfing or something. I understand the fundamentals of photography at this point just fine.

Thus far I only use ISO , Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ocassionally a filter to control my exposures.

This is completely fascinating to me right now and has led me on a journey (one I probably didn't need to take but it's too late, I'll loose sleep over this if I don't figure it out)

SO... I grab my D2x and sart looking through my menus (which I haven't spent much time with since I updated the firmware)

Exposure Comp (On / Off / On Auto Reset)
Fine Tune Exposure (Per metering mode)
Simply dialing it in via the button next to shutter release

Ran a quick test, program auto mode, auto wb,
1st shot 3D metering - WOW is this thing OFF - way under exposed
2nd shot dial in with button up to +1.0 - STILL not a single blown highlight.

3rd shot dial in with button up to +1.3 - finally one small blown highlight which would definitely be recoverable.

Same result with "Fine Tune Exposure"

Can't figure out what "Exposure Comp (On / Off / On Auto Reset) does though?

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