Official D3 samples here

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Re: Official D3 samples here

I love reading this thread because I never learned to analyze things this way, I'm more of a hacker type, I'm gaining alot of new perspective from you guys.

Weeks ago my 1st reaction to the D3 was what people here seems to have found. Nikon setup models at the D3 party, and I shot them with the new wide "N"s and with the 400/2.8 "N" lens that Nikon had setup on Gitzo's. The detail with the 400/2.8 at ISO 6400 holds up pretty well when compared to the normal lens shot. At ISO 3200 the detail is much better.

The reaction that was bantered about by the many shooters at the D3 party, was that the D2X's ISO 800 is now with the D3, ISO 6400. On the following days, I tried pushing 6400 at nite, I.E. I tried to shoot more at 3200, 4000, and 5000, and only experimented with 6400 at the stadium turns where the light falls off and subjects are backlit.

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