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Re: I'm comparing to

echelon2004 wrote:

What worries me is that it is possible that Nikon and sony don't have
the on-chip noise reduction as used by canon (some version of it
obviously) but instead uses software anti aliasing and noise

Does Nikon have to do it the way that Canon does in order for it to be good? Rather than 'on-chip' Nikon appears to have used large, light-thirsty pixels with reduced distance to the photosites from the microlenses and several optical innovations to capture any lost light to get as much of the 'real thing' (light) as possible rather than resorting to processing prowess.

From these samples and my own limited experience with the 5D, there's no contest between the D3 and the 5D at these elevated ISO's. I haven't seen or heard anything to lead me to think there's anything negative about the images at lower ISO's either.

But alas, I would also like to see some RAW file results as well.

I think about the only negative thing that we'll see with this camera is the wait that we'll endure to get one! The line will be long enough with Nikon-native shooters ordering theirs, not to mention the group of Canon shooters who find it necessary to switch (in their own minds)...


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