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Photography 101

If you take a photo of a black cat in a dark room on auto exposure, the cat will appear grey (not black). If you take a photo of snow on a bright, sunny day, the snow will appear grey (not white).

The camera doesn't know you're shooting a black cat, or snow. You either have to use exposure comp (or manual mode) based on the histogram/LCD, or use a grey card or light meter. This isn't rocket science. Just fundamental exposure skills. NO camera in the world will get these right without user intervention.


Todd Avery wrote:

Interesting. I've seen LOTS of shots with + - 1/3 stop or so. Just
never seen anyone pull it back 1.5 stops before. That's a lot of
light to manipulate with that tool it seems.

I guess I just don't get the WHY of it.

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