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Re: 5D ISO 3200 sample ...

I hadn't seen that link but I think that Eric Sorensen is right. Between the 5D, 1D Mk III and the D3 the 5D has the best mix of low noise and detail.

I think that this is the image that he took the crop from:

Anyway I wasn't comparing the D3 directly to other cameras in my original post but I was noting the lack of detail at high ISO. It will be interesting to see how it performs with NR Off and also in side-by-side tests.

David Chin wrote:

1D Mark III ISO 3200:

1D Mark III ISO 6400:

Not comparable, but take your pick.

mpixel wrote:

Thanks for posting.

Low noise but low detail too at ISO 3200 and 6400. Too much NR.

I do like the samples though. Manufacturers images are often really
quite poor.

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