Why I definately will buy a Canon instead of Nikon

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Re: Why I definately will buy a Canon instead of Nikon

Very simple: Fujifilm had their digital SLRs affected by Sony while Canon didn't, probably because Canon uses their own CMOS sensors while Sony makes CCDs and CCD components. I don't have to assume anything, because I can see the cameras listed on the recall lists. No question, Sony is responsible for at least some of the Fujifilm and Nikon problems, obviously. Excusing Sony by saying they did the "responsible" thing doesn't change those facts. Sony's cheapness resulted in the recall of MILLIONS of digital cameras.

Also, Sony plans on ending their "responsibility" on October 2nd, 2007. In other words, if your camera fails on October 3rd due to Sony's error, your camera will cost you money to repair. How's that for responsibility?


Pete Y wrote:
So you are assuming the majority of Fuji and Nikon repairs are
attributed to that SPECIFIC batch of faulty Sony sensors. How
accurate can this assumption be?

Of all DSLRs, none Nikon and only a small fraction of S2 are
affected. This is what I read from the links.

Bottom line is that Sony took a responsible step to repair the
affected sensors at their cost.

Anthony wrote:







Pete Y wrote:
When something fails, it must be Sony. Very nice, but do you have
anything to back up?

Anthony wrote:

repairs, although my feeling is that it has more to do with Sony's
manufacturing issue which screwed a bunch of companies than with
Canon being an inherently superior company or Canon cameras being
inherently superior.


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