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Re: Again Huh?

I'm sorry but even the 3200 ISO image lacks detail. Both high ISO images have low noise but lack detail.

If it isn't immediately apparent to you that the 3200 ISO image lacks detail, please compare it to the lower ISO images of the model.

sfisher wrote:
The image was taken at 1/60s of the guy playing the trumpet the focus
is on his hands which are moving, but I can see the lashes under his
left eye and the small blemishes / bumps on his face, and his
mustache stubble. What the heck ISO 6400 night club style image are
you comparing it to that your complaining about the detail?

mpixel wrote:

Thanks for posting.

Low noise but low detail too at ISO 3200 and 6400. Too much NR.

I do like the samples though. Manufacturers images are often really
quite poor.

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