New Canon executive interview

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And they've got lots of little subsidiaries in which to stick them

Always amazed at how many little subsidiaries Canon has here and there and everywhere. As you probably know, Canon ran into problems with the gov't last year, for essentially making Canon Inc. look like it had fewer employees than the cut-off for some tax scheme... by exploiting its many little hideouts...

BTW, your translation of the execs comments on the 5D is eloquent... though for some reason I get the feeling that his answers were a little bit pithy... for example, he didn't touch on his predecessor's statements about pricing (his predecessor had indicated in Aug 2005 that he thought the 5D price was not quite to where they hoped FF price could reach. He had also indicated at that time that 2006 would see something that made the 2005 introduction seem like only 50% of what would be... and from that many people came up with the speculation of the 24MP 1DsII successor for 2006... all for naught.)

I also thought it a bit terse of Uchidoi to refer to Nikon just as "another company", as when a Nikon exec was interviewed by the same magazine (after the 5D was launched) he had congratulated Canon (on coming out with the 5D) and even called Canon "elder brother". The Canon exec here (to me) comes off sounding a bit cold...

We'll see of course if he changes the flavor of Canon's cameras, if indeed that is what he wants to do. A little voice in my head keeps telling me this whole interview was more of a show-the-flag event rather than a revelation of something new. We'll see....


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