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interesting thought, but

Seems to me that does not show in the models actually released. A couple of years ago someone posted on dpr that it seemed the manufacturers had completely different views as to what a DSLR should be like. But they have clear views as to what their mid-level camera should be

Also I think you underestimate the cost of developing different spec-levels. The firmware anyway would have to be developed for the highest level and would be more complex than necessary. Canon had one model in which features that were possible in hardware were turned off. I don't think they thought of that as a smart move afterwards.

warren prasek wrote:

If they have several prototypes with difference spec levels (and
especially features via firmware which could basically be
enabled/disabled with a simple, virtually zero-cost "flag" or
parameter) then they could easily be forced to release a
new/different body within 6 months in reaction to the competition.

That would be very prudent in a business sense - an insurance policy
so to speak

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