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Re: Let's compare colour.

JohnSavage wrote:

Canon sample at 100iso and D3 at 3200 iso. I may be missing something
here but as far as I can see the 3200iso Nikon image skin tones are
more saturated.

What I find really interesting is that the 85 1.4 doesn't seem to be
demonstrating much if any purple/green CA in the out of focus areas,
it normally behaves in a similar fashion to the 85 1.2 Canon. If you
look closely at the the full res version of the redhead you can see
it clearly in the highlights on the pearls, the Nikon sample is very
clean and also doesn't seem to be exhibiting any vignetting. I know
the 85 1.4 inside out and the D3 sample looks great.

I suppose that could be the built in Automatic CA correction in the D3 doing that.

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