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The D70 was announced feb '04, the 20D August. That's half a year. Bit short for eventually. Oh. and the Rebel was announced August '03. These timeframes are too short for C and N to react to the actual model the competition announces.

Anastigmat wrote:

.... What followed was the Nikon D70, Nikon's quick and

very well done answer to the Canon Digital Rebel. THe D70, although
flawed in many ways, was arguably better than the Digital Rebel, and
with this single camera, Nikon turned its fortune around. Before the
D70, Canon had a whopping 80% market share in DSLR cameras. After
the D70 was introduced, Nikon quickly took the lead in market share.
What a turn around. Canon eventually regained the lead with the 8mp
Digital Rebel XT, followed later by the 10mp Rebel XTi, but Nikon has
recovered enough financially to undergo development of the D2X, D200

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