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Anastigmat wrote:

Canon sensors had a real lead in low noise, not a perceived lead.
Canon got there with nothing magical, just sensors that have large
individual pixels.

Canon's lead in low-noise was not due to larger pixels, but to the CMOS sensor technology with on-chip noise reduction. Now that sony has its own (apparently similar concept?) CMOS solution, it seems the playing field has been levelled, if not tilted in the other direction.

Obviously pixel size relates directly to noise, but canon's APS-C chips were always lower-noise than their competitors due to CMOS vs CCD. That difference may wel have disappeared now... we'll find out over the next couple of months.

Canon has the advantage in noise reduction technology. It has many
patents that Sony have no access to. These patents will enable Canon
to keep the lead in technology, allowing it to have sensors that are
less noisy than comparable Sony sensors.

Does canon still have an advantage in NR tech? Just because it has its own patents, doesn't mean sony can't (or hasn't already) developed its own different NR tech which may be equally effective, or even better (as may be proven by the D3).

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