Too much retouched?

Started Sep 9, 2007 | Discussions thread
René Schuster Forum Pro • Posts: 14,180
Hi Mario,

absolutely no specialist when it comes to retouching, but I do like your approach, looks pretty good, I think, wish I could do that!

What I don´t like that much is all that dark foreground, but more important I think is that uneven mix of dark and bright in the picture, a lot of dark on the left and rather bright on the right side. Seems to be not in harmony somehow (well, to me, lol). Others might see this different and maybe say the picture lives by this dark-bright contrast.

But I think the main subject in your picture is this white flower against the darker background as well as the nice dark sky above. Therefore I´d suggest to crop half of this bright lake on the right side, so the impression of dark left and bright right is replaced by a more even overall mix of dark and bright. Seeing only half of the lake is enough, I think, there is no further interesting information in the very right side of the pic (except this nice little red flower in the foreground, maybe). My suggestion for cropping would be about like this:


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