Why does everyone put the S5 down

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Re: Why does everyone put the S5 down

dr soggy wrote:

Here is an interesting link http://bythom.com/s5review.htm . The bit
about it being a 6mp sensor was interesting.

This is maybe best review i have read about the S5.One of the few review that it mentions the boost of resolution due to the single disposition of the sensing elements.( S5 have only for this 8.8 mp of reals details.There is too the better quality due to the R pixels)
And this is all by default.

I'm no speaking about the cheats who all can make using the r pixel and converting their info in spatial frequency.

And always without to use software that arrange the coming data from the pixel r and s in various way.
By default S5 have little more than 9 effective mp.No doubts about this.

I found this review Was objective and honest.
The truth?
In the final part Thom tell he love this cam.
And this speak more than other words.

About colors.

I used S3 for some year.I loved it.In high iso (1600) reds and greens was not balanced.With S5 this is only a memory.Colors are more balanced and more natural(but pleasant still).
S5 have better WB than S3.

Oh.. sure me too had the cast color (magenta) problem, using external flash expecially.I had the v1.02 firmware.And now seems i solved it with 1.08.

And yes, colors are not much accurate but they are much pleasant.BUT i dont need necessarily accurate colors.

About speed.

Well.. First time i used S5 in RAW mode i I have thought to have mistaken the settings.I thought forgot it on the JPG mode.
Wider buffer work well.Really.
Isn't a Machine Gun ok.. But i dont need it..

About D200 body.

Nikon made really great job.Iso setting indicator in a large viewfinder, accessible without moove the eyes from.One step Change continous-single focus mode.Always without moove the eyes from the viewfinder.Faster and better AF (i love multicam 1000) , in the low light too.Great body folks... no other words..

And yes i quote anthony.

Anthony wrote:

I don't think the people who are most vocal at putting down the S5
Pro are owners of the camera.


People need too test it before... And they need to print the shots in order..

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