Went for the A650 after All

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Change SD more frequently than AA batteries

I change my SD card more frequently than I change my batteries. While the SD card is latched, the AA batteries aren't. Replacing the SD card means tilting the camera upside down, popping out the memory card and stuffing in a new one...all without accidentally tilting the camera and dropping batteries all over the floor.

On a tripod, this situation is far worse since the camera needs to be detached from the tripod plate...

Canon had it right the first time: keep the memory card under a separate door on the side of the camera.


21st Hermit wrote:
I've seen this same thing posted over and over, don't understand
the/your problem. The SD card is latched, it won't fall out if you
tip the camera to drop the AA's into your palm. OTOH, simply push the
SD, it pops up and remove it, while the camera is upside down . . .

Only in the rare case that the camera is on a tripod would their be a
problem. Even then modern 2700 mAH AA's run for days. Besides a P&S
this small with IS is rarely ever on a tripod. I use my XT
exclusively on a tripod whereas my A710 has never seen a tripod.

Convince me otherwise!!!

Adam-T wrote:
TWO Big A650 Downers --> SD card in with the AA Batts (Stupid in the
Extreme - it takes a special kind of Idiot to dream stuff like that
up - the A640 and S5-IS are the same)


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