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that is why I did not call it a translation

As I was trying to communicate the gist of the conversation, not do a word for word translation.

Point being, yes, the discussion (in the last two questions) is about FF for the non-pro-camera-man (a Canon term of past), as the 5D as a specific product will of course some day cease to be. Clearly the discussion is about the future of the product line-up (and the term "line-up" is used several times in the interview.) That is also why I later focused in on question #2, near the beginning of the conversation (even though trying to do a closer translation resulted in stilted English.) It is in that question that the progress of Nikon comes up, who is now offering a FF camera, and how Canon will have to compete, and how the exec is throwing out ideas such as more megapixels, faster camera, etc.

I'm also fairly certain that "maniac" is not a synonym for "high amateur" (which is anyone who desires a camera that is more than the entry level, and the official Canon description of the target audience of both the 40D and the 5D), but is intended to convey the image of people (almost always male) who read such (Japanese) magazines as "CameraMan", and even the CAPA weekly, and who like to go online and argue about which camera is best...

Finally, the white paper you quote is written by Canon USA for the American (or English speaking) audience. I am relating to you what the Japanese interview says.... In Japan I never saw the 5D as promoted as for anything other than the "high amateur", as the 1 series was clearly marketed as the professional's camera.


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