M O N S (D R O+) U S .. lets join our forces against it!

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M O N S (D R O+) U S .. lets join our forces against it!

Yes , you got it, it kinda reads like MONSTROUS.. back to the point now!

Before I even start this topic I d like to make a summary of the current methods out there used to make pictures look like what "the human eye" would perceive.

There is photoshop and other HDR progs, there is a manual retouch involving curves, contrast/dodge,burn etc, and of course the in-camera DRO. which IMO is still in a primitive level yet a bit better than the d-lightning nikon offered.

back to the point I d like to get into,
I really have no clue of what precise algorithms dro+ is using,

I use MATLAB to compare pictures of a relatively monochromatic scene with and with out dro+ after converting jpgs in to uncompressed bmps.

My conclusions, with all my recent research is that dro+ is using an apparent 4-5 level convolution filter to find edges and then it makes a shift on certain areas based on the averages of the neighboring areas that should remain untouched. For this conclusion, the most helpful clue was the annoying banding this camera has on its output.

DRO+ seem to be activated mostly when there ISO is 400 or more, or when the average field luminocity is such that the maximum aperture required to balance the 1/60 speed threshold exceeds the one that the lens can offer.

Another case where DRO+ is enabled is when the focal length is more than 50mm and the average scene is overally dark with ares where the dark values appear on an acute rise in the local histogram.

DRO+ appears to have a different behavior in flash enabled situations. Maybe in order to keep a classic fotography touch, it doesnt highlight equally the dark areas such as shadows in the edge of the picture assuming that they are the shadows from the flash's light.


I call any a100 owner who has a little knowledge of mathematics, especially statistics to join forces with me and using any computer software possible to try to derive the algorithm of dro+ so we can turn it in to a photoshop plug in or standalone program with many more value tweaking options or even options that were not there in the first place.

I only want to get the matrix elaboration formulas used under different circumstances, then I ll use my c++ gems to turn this in to something usefull in everyday's action.

PLS by all means avoid the following copyright breaching things:

1) open the sony a100 camera and monitor the input/output from the chip

(yes, that is for those lads working in hi-tech companies and university research labs)
2) reverse engineer that utility that comes in the orange box with the camera
(yes, I am talking to you regular hacker/cracker/lamer)

3) try to steal algorithms software/other freeware/shareware stuff to do the job

4) get in the wolfram research website or even the mathworks website to steal algorithms posted and use them directly/unmodified

I say that above all speculations regarding the new a700 we have to master the hidden features of a100.

REMEMBER there is already a hacked canon firmware for eos 350d out there!!

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for informational purposes only: while I am browsing the web, checking new tech and cool gadgets, children die. less than 1/100 worldwide die of natural causes. the other 99 die after long and painful battles with disease and starvation. part of our taxes is used in a manner so that this atrocity continues. SO USE YOUR HEADS PLEASE, thnx

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