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Rick Knepper
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Translation appears incorrect

greentoe wrote:

Interviewer asked if Canon intends to continue the 5D line.

It looked like to me, the interviewer also framed the discussion as 5D = consumer or FF for consumer.

The answer was that Canon would like to keep the 5D-class in future EOS

To me, the Canon exec is saying Canon will continue the 5D. Bit different from "would like" as if there was some discussion of discontinuing it. It would be illogical for a Canon exec to be equivocal about the 5D in this manner.

Canon would like to keep full size sensors as a product for the hobbyist.

The Canon exec doesn't say that really nor that the 5D is a hobbyist camera. He is saying for FF to appeal to one of its target markets, ie hobbyists (as you are interpreting the comment "general user", it must hit a price point.

[Here I must remind everyone once again that
Canon Inc has always portrayed the 5D as a high amateur camera, same
as the 30D, and not as a camera for the professional camera man.]

Here I remind everyone that statements like these are simply wrong. From the 5D White Paper:

The EOS 5D model will appeal to an enormous range of photographers. Lanndscape and nature photographers, both amateur and professional, will love the 12.8 megapixel resolution and the camera’s backcountry maneuverability. Wedding and portrait photographers will appreciate the resolution of group shots as well as the camera’s size and weight and its full frame sensor. Then, there are many photographers who have been dedicated to film and have postponed the purchase of a DSLR. They’ve waited for a time when there would be no sacrifice in quality tied to the film-to-digital switch. They will surely see that the EOS 5D model is the camera they have been waiting for. Everyone will be amazed by the value that the EOS 5D Digital SLR represents.

One of the interesting parts of the success of the EOS 20D model has been how many of them are used regularly by professionals. For an estimated selling price below $1,500, pros have a 685-gram camera with a magnesium alloy body, a stainless steel chassis, 8-megapixel resolution and 5 fps speed. For many of them, 1-Series weight or expense is a substantial negative. The combination of the EOS 20D and the 5D cameras make an ideal pairing for many of these professionals: a common interface making switching back and forth intuitive and error-free, a choice of high quality or high speed, as required, a camera bag that’s easy on the back, shoulders and neck and a total cost that shooters, spouses and accountants will all approve of.

The interviewer then went on to explain that while he thinks the 5D
is a good camera for the general user, for the "maniac" it is not so
exciting. The answer was interesting... generally acknowleding
that is how he (now the head of DSLR business at Canon) too feels
about the 5D (that it is for the general consumer and not the
maniac), and that he would like to make a camera that was more high
powered and interesting, and while acknowledging there is
controversy about this he has directed the development team to
discuss the possibility of doing this.

Maniac = advanced amateur (as in you'd have to be a maniac to spend $10-15,000 on a diversion that doesn't involve a gasoline engine).

And this Canon guy may be the salvation for those who are wanting a FF 1D mkIII for $3000.

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