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FWIW, one question translated

Since it seems to have sparked some interest...

More of a "translation" this time (no guarantees), of the second question asked in the interview and IMO the most important fundamentally...

Note that going from Japanese to English I have taken the liberty of making the English more readable by putting objects, subjects, and verbs into forms that the original is not... there is always a danger in this and something may have gotten lost in translation. And where I have inserted words into the speakers' mouth, those are in [] :


Q2: Briefly, the market expansion having exceeded the forecast, what shall we say about increasing the number of products in the lineup?

A2: On the product lineup, and by the way our [product market] design strategy , deciding [upon] the customer voice [ = opinion] is not a simple thing. Essentially, if I were to thinking [out loud] for adopting a pure, efficient strategy, I would invest [in making] the best products concentrating on the sweet spots for the precise needs. However, if the market becomes large, holding the volume of products to the good spot for the convenience of the maker will not be sufficient.

This year another company is starting to sell a full size sensor [camera]. Yet, the low price [camera] market is also increasing most likely. Summarily, Canon [this year has taken] a step to excel at increasing image sensor quality; [that] another company has come to catch up is recognized. However, competition is proper. It is a good thing to experience competition, it will bind [us] to go [develop] more higher resolution, higher speed, and greater ease of use products.



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