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After looking at both white-papers....

After looking at both white papers, it appears that the 400D and 40D may share the identical system.

Here is a composite showing the drawings from both white papers:

So we may well be cleaning the "hot mirror" dichroic coating when we clean our 40D's sensor filter.

For what it's worth, the Photographic Solutions people recommend the use of Eclipse for the 5D and Eclipse 2 for the 400D, 40D, and 1DMkIII. So if they know something that we don't, then that means that the surfaces of these newer cameras are different than that of the 5D (and that may be a very good thing).

But we need more information. I will be very careful cleaning my 40D until I know more about it.

I really do think that although Canon maintains that we should never touch any of these sensors, they should tell us exactly what the front surfaces are so that we can make informed decisions about how or if to clean them.

We all know very well that:

a. Just blowing the front surface off with a bulb blower doesn't remove a LOT of the dust we get, and...

b. The integrated dust cleaning doesn't work well enough to eliminate the need for manual cleaning.

So we will be cleaning these filters and we deserve to know what it is we're cleaning.

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