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Re: Enter the new EOS Digital 'Maniac'!!! LOL.

Robert 55 wrote:
The maniac seems to be a kind of user, not a kind of camera [so you
wouldn't have to buy it, you either are, or not]:

"The interviewer then went on to explain that while he thinks the 5D
is a good camera for the general user, for the "maniac" it is not so
exciting. The answer was interesting... generally acknowleding that
is how he (now the head of DSLR business at Canon) too feels about
the 5D (that it is for the general consumer and not the maniac)"

quote is from the translation on northlight

Progress Lover wrote:

I'd buy one just for the name.

The thing they call a "joke". My post was one of those.

Even though I was joking, I still reckon a 'Digital Maniac' would sell like hot cakes!

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