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because you called it a

Which my original writings were not (since I skipped quite a bit that was said figuring this group only wanted the juicy part...)

Not to be unkind to you... since there are so many names here and it is hard to associate names - handles - websites, etc., but all I can remember is the 'Northlight-guy'...

There have been so many posts here lately about the 5D, its replacement (presuming there will be one), other Canon models, etc., etc. and how, somehow, Canon cameras are now miserable because Canon didn't include a full VGA monitor and HDMI out... that I thought it interesting that we hear that there is indeed "controversy" (one of several possible translations of the original) within the company regarding the future of FF follow-on to the 5D.

Contraray to subdoodle's pejorative, Canon does indeed include many fine engineers and engineering managers, and like all successful corporations makes decisions on many many factors. Another part of that interview spoke of the size of the DSLR market, and how it has grown to be larger than originally anticipated (by any of the majors I might add...). What many people on this forum (and others) continually ignore is that these DSLRs are not produced by magic but rather by consuming resourcs (labor, fabrication facility capacity, etc.) Given this any and every company has to decide how to expend their limited resources. Canon's choices have been obviously to maximize the volume of cameras sold, which means lower costs, which means APS-C cameras; and notice that indeed Canon sells over a million (each) nnnD and nnD per year worldwide.

With the new Kawasaki fab coming online next year (also mentioned briefly in the interview), Canon will have more capacity to make sensors for their own cameras. There is no doubt in my mind part of the "controversy" that is mentioned about a future FF camera is the tradeoff in production capability vs other products (e.g., HD consumer video cams.)

This is the myopia of the "maniac"... failing to realize their lusts have to compete with everybody elses.

Personally I would prefer, having a 5D myself, that Canon concentrate more on the fundamentals of photography, for example, what it takes to get a good exposure, rather than on a VGA screen and HDMI; and also that Canon continually target lower costs. Contrary to subdoodle's claim, it is much more an engineering challenge to create functional yet continually more inexpensive items than making items more expensive (as Nikon has done with both the D300 and the D3.)

Uchidoi made reference to the fact that since the DSLR market has grown to be larger than expected, then possibly Canon should add more models. Once the additional fab is running we will see if that indeed turns out to be true.


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