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northlight is just copying my interpretation

At the top of this thread I stated clearly that it was an interpretation, (because it is not a word for word translation), though I am fairly certain that what I summarized is indeed what is being communicated. That is why I used the world "maniac" (though in Japanese it is just )... it is their slang word, not mine (and not one I would have used.) It is in the interviewer's mind that that the general consumer and the "mania[c]" are separate buyers.

Uchidoi understands, I believe, as there have always been in Japanese camera buyers a segment that desires something different and engaging (for the sake of camera collection and not photography.) Japan is a country that essentially saved Leica by buying up a great amount of older German gear simply for the device-ness of it...

I also agree with the observation someone made above about the consensual approach being opposed to the unique-item approach being part of the "controversy". It is a very Japanese thing for Canon to have this consensual approach to design (essentially designing for the biggest set of users, rather than for the specialties of the smaller set.)

My issue with many of the (5D needs to be some sort of camera hot-rod) whiners on this forum is that they don't understand that the 5D consumes a great deal of resources (fabrication faclilty) for the relatively few number of cameras that are produced... thus from a corporate asset view that fab facility could be put to better use making smaller sensors for a whole lot more products.

Wish he (Northlight) wouldn't keep lifting things from this forum and running with them...


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