Canon 40D or Nikon D80

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Re: Canon 40D or Nikon D80

FoolyCooly wrote:

If you are coming to a NEW system the 30D is probably a better value.
Still you are going to pay more for your system in the end if you
chose Canon. Nikon is the better bang for your buck with the flash
system and consumer grade lenses.

I feel the problem Nikon might have with their lens line-up is that there is a too big a gap between the consumer grade lenses and the top lenses.

UWA - Nikons 12-24 is almost twice the price of the Canon 10-22 and for FF Canon has the 17-40 4L. Also for the tele zooms Canon has the nice 4L series, at a relatively attractive pricing.

Yes, Nikon has some nice consumer grade lenses (that's what lured me to the D80 - although the build of the 18-70 highly disappoints me), but if you want a little more you are paying big time. If your system will hold some serious lenses I think you are actually paying less for a Canon system.


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