Some D200 macros and close-ups - *warning* creepy crawlies ...!

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Re: Nice series

Hi Frank!

FrankG wrote:

The Common Darter - well I didn't realise males (presumably this must
be a very recently emerged one) could be that much all yellow/amber
looking but apparently they only get red as they mature so I must
check more carefully in future!

These can be tricky, I just checked my posting history before posted today and found a similar thing there: an immature male marked as a female... But that´s very common that immature males looks pretty much as females and then, all though there might be other differences (patterns), the appendages are your best friends :^) ...

My photo labelled "Southern" Hawker - yep, apologies and you are
right, that is a photo of a pretty standard male Common Hawker not
Southern as I first thought.

We have three Aeshnidae species here (A. juncea, A. subarctica and A. crenata) which are quite difficult to tell apart if you don´t have exactly the right angle shots of them...

That Migrant Hawker - Females are supposed to have brown eyes I
thought - but I have to agree that the visible appendages are
apparently female and the abdominal pattern and colours look more
female than male (again I think the guide I was using did not help
too much - excuses excuses!).

Well, I did look at your foto few times after I posted, did some googling, looked many pics on the net and found out that the color here wasn´t that obvious difference but the patterns and ofcourse the appendage looked like female one to me... Now that I´m at home and able to look my book I´m positive it´s a female...

I think that this next photo is of a genuine male (hope you agree)?:

Yep, that´s a male. And very nice pic by the way!

I suppose perhaps one should not pay too much attention to eye colour

  • the male Migrant Hawker is supposed to have very obviously blue

eyes but this one could pass as having brownish eyes! Does it
depend on age?

Yes, it´s an age thing. Both Migrants you posted are young and I would say that the female was just emerged: it´s wings are so clear. The book I have describes an immature male Migrant just as on your pic, eyes are grey/brown and the brown spots are only on upper part of the abdomen

This is the book I have and it´s often mentioned as "must have book" for any interested in Odonata. Sometimes I think there could be even more drawings especially those immature males as they are difficult... and ofcourse all those blue damsels when they are in immature age :^)

Best regards,
My Odonata gallery

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