Canon 40D needs to lower price to $850

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Re: Canon 40D needs to lower price to $850

While the Op is a little emotional over this he is not wothout merit on some of his points.

IMHO Canon has dropped the ball here. And while I don't think the 40D should sell for $850, I do think it should sell for less.

Yes, the D300 is $500 or so more than the D40, but at this level I am not sure how important that really is. I paid more for my 10D than the D300 will cost. The real cost in any system is the "extras". I have enough in lenses, flashes, batteries etc... to buy the D300 a few times.

I think what Canon really needs to take notice of is the tone of the outrage this time. In the past folks would mostly gripe about exposure or focus issues. This time they are talking about switching platforms. To me this is different than on the other upgrades D60 - 10D - 20D - 30D.

With past Nikon upgrades D70, D200 etc... while I thought they were interesting I never once considered changing platforms. This is not the case now.

I hope Canon is paying attention. I believe that if they wish to retain their customer base, then they really should look at adding some of the requested features via firmware upgrades. Fine focus adjustment comes to mind. Remapping the print button is another.

I decided to skip the 30D and wait, my thoughts were to just buy the successor. Instead my thoughts are should I buy the successor or switch to Nikon. If the 40D had been 12mp and had a couple more of the D300 features, I would have just bought the 40D no questions asked.

While no amount of technology could make me a better photgraher, it could help raise the keepers ratio. I have struggled somewhat with focus issues on my 20D.

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