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You're confusing him with Iwashita

The previous guy who was calling the shots was Mr. "under the rock" (= Iwashita). Iwashita did the interview in 2005 right after the 5D was announced, as well as some other interviews over a couple of years time.

This new guy (Uchidoi) doesn't have a name which translates well into English... alas. He has a much more serious demeanor in those photos than Iwashita had... who was often smiling. Other than that, don't know anything about the new guy. His title as "image communications corporate camera operations senior executive manager" is a mouthful though. The interviewer seemed to know that Uchidoi was in control of the DSLR operations though.

The interviewer also acknowledges that the camera introductions for 2007 were already well along the way of reality (and indeed the 1DMkIII had already been announced) before Uchidoi was put in charge.

We'll see if the new guy is making any real changes to the EOS DSLR product philosophy sometime in 2008... though my belief is that the new chip fabrication facility is the real driver on what if any changes will come about.

In the interview they discuss Canon's now famous pyramid model of camera users and products, with the beginning user camera at the base, then the high amateur cameras (nnD, 5D) as a middle segment, with the 1 series on top for the procameraman (as Canon used to call it.) The interview touched on whether this needs to be changed, and also if more models will be inserted into the lineup.

Remember, for each FF sensor made Canon could have made several APS-C size sensors. And with Canon now wanting to make their own sensors for their digicams, the tradeoff becomes even more pronounced (I'd bet something like 20 or 30 small sensors for each FF sensor, on a wafer average.)

So the tradeoff becomes, say for Christmas buying season, selling 30 something IXY-somethings for around $350 each, to mostly grateful customers, or 1 $2500 FF camera to an overpaid geek who will show up on an internet forum trashing Canon because his favorite gizmo was left off the package....


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