New Canon executive interview

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New Canon executive interview

New Canon interview at dcwatch:

Interviewee is the new (as of April) senior executive manger in charge of camera products which include DSLR . ( I believe his name would be pronounce Uchidoi Masaaki.)

Several questions on business direction and model lineup... but as this forum has already decided they know more about how to run a camera business than Canon does there is no need to go into that... but there were some blurbs that may interest some here:

To wit.... here is my interpretation of parts of the interview:

Q: As for future sensor developments...

A: For the pro and high amateur, concentrate on noise (S/N) as it is important to picture quality. For the lower end products, use image processing to handle noise as high megapixel count is the trend... and you can't go backwards on this.

Question on IS inside the body... Answer: in the lens. Though his personal opinion is that some sort of hybrid system is possible.

Interviewer asked if Canon intends to continue the 5D line. The answer was that Canon would like to keep the 5D-class in future EOS lineups. Canon would like to keep full size sensors as a product for the hobbyist. [Here I must remind everyone once again that Canon Inc has always portrayed the 5D as a high amateur camera, same as the 30D, and not as a camera for the professional camera man.]

The interviewer then went on to explain that while he thinks the 5D is a good camera for the general user, for the "maniac" it is not so exciting. The answer was interesting... generally acknowleding that is how he (now the head of DSLR business at Canon) too feels about the 5D (that it is for the general consumer and not the maniac), and that he would like to make a camera that was more high powered and interesting, and while acknowledging there is controversy about this he has directed the development team to discuss the possibility of doing this.


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