Sony drops their bomb ---- A700 is here

Started Sep 6, 2007 | Discussions thread
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More like Sony drops their pants.

No challenge for the D300.

40D sales may suffer slightly. However, Sony's lack of lenses continues to be a serious problem and they have no credability in the market.

I think the price of the A700 is still too high to have any real impact. Canon/Nikon must both be v relieved by Sony's effort.

Also, the next Drebel and Nikon's d80x or d90 are likely to soundly spank the A700 on value as of next Feb.

Still waiting for news of Sony's flagship. Only when that comes to market will we have any real indication of Sony's seriousness in the longer term.

I bet that it's just a lower-mid-level cam with a FF sensor like th 5D. Of course by then the 5DII will be around and hopefully a Sony lower level FF equivalent. FFD300. Now that would be v interesting.

We'll see. At least Nikon have made things interesting again.

I just hope Nikon's finest hour isn't marred by a global economic downturn. It would stink for Nikon to start firing on all cylinders exactly as a lot disposable income evaporated.
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