Sony drops their bomb ---- A700 is here

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Re: Where have you been

PhotoTraveler wrote:

Minolta brought us the top plate LCD with the Maxxum 7000 (pretty
sure it was the first). They were then the first to kill it off with
the 7D.

The 7D had an excuse for lacking a top LCD; space needed for it's 2nd command dial. The A700 however has only one dial, so there's quite a large area of emptyness there now. With a little rearranging of buttons Sony could have easily reintroduced the handy little top info screen

Top Plate LCD are vestigial bits of AF film cameras. We now have
massive rear LCDs that do the job far better and are actually located
where the user is looking, unlike the top of the camera.

I'm a big fan of separate info LCDs, but I agree the best place for it would be on the rear. However with current large main TFT sizes that's close to impossible to achieve. The nex best thing is one on top, far better than none at all IMO.

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