Went for the A650 after All

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Re: Went for the A650 after All

What do you think about G7/G9/A650 lens qualities? Is it as good as
old G series (G5/G6) or S80/S70 which were very good? I mean
sharpness, rendition of colors & contrasts etc.

The S70/80 had a Horrible lens which was soft at the corners at 28mm and soft full stop at 100, most of the ones I used also had bad decentering at the wide end - it was the worst lens ever fitted to a high end canon optically, it was also horribly slow at the soft long end .......

The G3/5 was a sharp fast optic when you got a good one (more decentering woes in a lot of copies) but suffered extreme PF - the G6 had better coatings and was the best G / S lens of all as it was fast and very sharp and had better QC.. the A610--> 640 optic is as good as the G6 lens at the same apertures it just isn't as fast - the G7/9/A650 lens is as good as the 35-140 ones in the G6 and A610---> 640 and its longer ranging with IS (A good tradeoff IMO though I DO lament the passing of the F2-F3 lens)

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