Hands on with the new A700

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Re: Hands on with the new A700

Dennis Phillips wrote:

Add the 70-200mm lens to the package.

A700 $1,600 CAD
70-200 $2,600 CAD
Package price $4,200 CAD

At 93 cents to the US dollar = $3,900

US Prices
A700 $1,400
70-200 $2,000
Package price = $3,400

That's a $500 difference before sales taxes.

I'd like to support Sony Canada, but that differential is just too

That is why I bought in the States.

The one down side is that it becomes impossible to get Sony Extended
Warrenty then. You have to get that from Sony Style. You have to pay
for it with a Credit Card.... that is issued in the US. You can't use a
Canadian issued CC!!!! I have been exchanging letters with a nice little
gal at Sony Style. She sympathizes, but it is company policy.

Thing that p*sses me off the most is, I can travel to the US, stay at
hotels and motels that take my credit cards, and buy things from Mom
and Pop stores down there, and they will all happily accept my
credit cards if I give it to them in person. But, Sony can't do so.


I could pay for it via PayPal, even. Oh, well!

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Sardis, BC

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