I don't know if Phil misses many posts but

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Re: What you are failing to take into account...

Phil isn't failing to take this into account! Read the preview...I'm guessing...more carefully. Phil deserves a raise.

michaeladawson wrote:
(you and many others) is that the 235,000 "pixel" claims from the all
the brands are also DOTS. So comparing 235,000 pixels vs. 900,000+
pixels is a valid comparison. If you really want true pixel numbers
than the comparison is something like 80,000 pixels vs. 320,000

Georgi wrote:

shouldn't someone point out that he's not correct about the 900 000
something pixels on the D3 and D300 vs 900 000 something DOTS?
(Assuming of course that all the posts about it were correct..)

I don't know the difference myself and it's not meant as criticism
but from what I've read, there IS a substantial difference and if
it's only the difference between say 235 000 pixels and 320 000
pixels or whatever, it sure isn't as different as 235k and 900k..


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