Game ON Nikon v Canon

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Re: And name calling is not childish?

Many Japanese photographers shoot both brands, it is very common here. I've noticed the tendency in Europe and the USA for people to get upset and overly emotional about camera equipment as you have. In Osaka last week, Canon was about 11/12 of the 11th IAAF World Championships photo corps. However, nobody is happier than I am about Nikon since my history with Nikon goes back to the days of the Nikon Photomic Ftn. I especially like the Nikon 200/2.0 lens, it's the greatest. The Nikon people told me at the D3 preview party at the Dojima Hotel in Namba, Osaka that in 2000 when D1 came out they had expected people to test their exposure settings and then shoot. Instead people machine gunned the cameras and is why the shutters fail in the D1 series so often. The D3 shutters are a completely new design, and we should expect more like 500,000 actuations. That's great news.

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