40D First "real event" shooting thoughts

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30D vs 40D AF Tracking/Speed/Etc...

Here are two sequences of shots from Friday night's shooting.

Both sets were shot at "H" (aka 3200 ISO), Program mode, RAW, shooting at night at an outdoor velodrome under their lights - a mix of types of lights that are always a hassle to shoot under... not only from not having enough light, but a mix of light types and hot and cool spots on the track add to the "fun"...

The lens used w/ both sets is an EF 70-200 f2.8 L IS

All the images have exif included.

Nothing other than a quick white balance adjustment was done to the photos.

The 30D captured focus just a hint slower than the 40D... not huge, but for me where the quick focus is very important, it was noticeable. The riders were moving about the same pace, around 25 mph or so...

Both sequences were started and finished near the same positions on the track... the 30D may have started a touch sooner due to the slower frame rate.

30D Sequence:

This set shows the problems I've had in bright light too. W/ fast moving subjects the AF can't quite seem to stay up to speed... If it is a single rider, the cam loses focus, w/ a line (like this series) it just continues to work its way down the line. So in the first photo, the first cyclist is in focus, by the end of the series, the third rider is in focus. Now, the end result isn't too bad, I actually like how that photo turned out, but the goal was to try to stay on one rider... Again - this situation shows the larger pattern pretty well. I know that the AF might have had a problem w/ the framing etc, but I could post series after series like this out of the 30D.

40D Sequence:

This series worked out a bit better from my point of view. It held onto the lead rider even as he drifted slowly left in the shot as I tried to frame as the group was moving by.

So the 40D is behaving better for me and does seem to have a very noticeable improvement in its AF accuracy and tracking speed.

I'm very happy with the results so far!

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