Some D200 macros and close-ups - *warning* creepy crawlies ...!

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Some D200 macros and close-ups - *warning* creepy crawlies ...!

As I got a 2nd hand macro lens not so long ago (105mm F4 AI micro) plus also I have the 300mm AFS F4, I have recently (well past few months) been trying a few close-ups and macros with the D200.

I always use a tripod, MLU and remote release. Some shots are with a Kenko auto extension tube added to get closer. All shots taken using RAW. I use Adobe colour space and usually Mode II or Mode III and convert to sRGB colour space for the web.

Here is a selection (Exif data embedded in all shots) - I hope these show OK:

Painted Lady Butterfly feeding on a Teazel (105 F4 micro):

Comma Butterfly (105mm F4 micro):

Common Darter Dragonfly (female) (105 F4 micro):

Migrant Hawker Dragonfly (male) (300mm F4 AFS):

Southern Hawker Dragonfly (male) (300mm F4 AFS):

One from today - a Garden Spider (this shot at ISO1600 with the 105 micro):

and another one of that spider (this one at ISO800, also 105 micro):

A Field Grasshopper (105 micro):

An evil Weevil (found this lumbering across my kitchen) - anyone got any idea what species this is (looks rather like Otiorhynchus clavipes- but I am really not sure that's it)?:

That last was also with the 105 micro.

Those were all shot in RAW (various ISOs used) and processed in Capture NX 1.2).

Many (except the first spider shot) are crops from the originals. All have had some usm sharpening applied.
Hope those were worth a look.

Any comments or criticisms welcome.

  • Frank

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