eye-piece renewal - inside of DS pics

Started Apr 9, 2005 | Discussions thread
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Re: eye-piece renewal - inside of DS pics

mvb123 wrote:

You have to remove 9 screws (2 are in the battery-compartment, 2
beneath the flash).

I just had cause to take the shell off of my DS to diagnose a flakey power condition... and it turns out that of the two screws that are inside the battery compartment, only one of them needs to be removed. The one closest to the outside edge of the camera holds the top shell down, and the other screw inside the battery compartment holds down the circuit board that the power switch and shutter buttons contact to do their thing. That inner screw can stay put, as those circuit boards stay on the body of the camera when you lift the top shell off.

Funny that a few months ago this dissection looked scary, and now I've just done pretty much the same thing.


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