Hands on with the new A700

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Very encouraging, thank you Doug!!!

I've already put my pre-order, but my number one wish coming from 7D/Alpha-100 was speed and accuracy of AF. If what you observed in this short time will be norm, I am in heaven.

Coming from 20D it is probably hard for you to talk about 'Minolta' colors, but any word about colors would be still much appreciated. Thanks again!

Doug Brown wrote:

I thought the focusing of the camera was just outstanding. It has a
double precision sensor in the centre - two cross sensors at the
centre point, precision to 2.8 or larger - and when using just that
focusing point it wasn't a problem to lock focus in any lighting even
though the max. aperture of the kit lens exceeded using the precision
mode. I specifically tested it in some of the dimmer recesses of the
gallery, it's located in a former distillery wharehouse so there are
lots of dark snooks and cranys, and it wasn't a problem to focus
anywhere I wanted.
It also locked even with difficult surfaces. I tried it on smooth and
reflective surfaces and it did fine. In the whole time I used the
camera I didn't have one problem with focusing, and several times I
went out of my way to find difficult situations for it. I would say
it's definitely a step or two above the 20D.
And not only does it focus, but it does so accurately. As I said, the
only shots that were out of focus were the ones taken in auto point
selection, which I didn't realize I was using at the time. Here the
camera tends to focus on the closest subject and shots I took of the
model being photographed tended to focus on the Sony rep in the
foreground as opposed to the photographer and model behind him.
Once I switched out of that it was just perfect.
Outside I did grab shots in single focus mode of people walking by,
walking towards, with the lens wide open because that is the way I
tend to use lenses when doing photojournalism and performance
photography, and each is sharp. I didn't test the continuous focusing
Focusing is definitely not a weak point of the camera.
Next week I'll have the camera for longer so hopefully I'll get
around to using everything it has.
The performance of the new kit lens was pretty good too. I wouldn't
have a problem using it, and the range of focal lengths is really

Doug B

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