Hands on with the new A700

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Re: Hi Doug

Hi Jose,

How are you?

Doing any film festival stuff these days? I'm shooting Richard Gere, Shakira and Matt Damon tomorrow. Tried to push Sony to lend the camera early so I could use it for those shoots but the test units are not avaliable yet.

Your idea sounds good. It's unlikely we'd both have the cameras at the same time - your's is on order, mine's at the mercy of the PR firm - but we could do it sequentially, trying them out one at a time.

I'd be interested in using the 40D. The 20D's I have are getting up there in mileage on the shutters.

I'll email you when I have the tester. You have my email address as well. Is the 40D shipping in Canada yet?

Doug B

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