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Re: AF at wide angles ...

Doug Brown wrote:

All of the shots at wide angle were dead on. Most wide angle photos
were done at the widest setting of 16mm, some with people in the
foreground to defocus the background intentionally, some of wide
scenics done at infinity. Reliable, predictable results every time.
As I said, focusing is not a problem with this camera. Wide,
telephoto, moving subjects, dim light ... nothing seemed to deter it
from achieving focus. It was just a brief time I had with the camera,
but I searched for difficult situations purposely (most of the shots
themselves are hardly works of art The one thing I didn't test was
focusing back into the light, something I find a lot of auto focus
systems have difficulties with.

Thanks for that info. This is very good news because wide angle AF was a real Achille's heel of the A100 and 7D.

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