Went for the A650 after All

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Hokay Folks - ISO800 Shootout !!

I was Suprised at this .........

Fuji S6500, mega at ISO400 and below, best in class at ISO800 by a mile BUT compared to the F30 and F31FD does add too much NR - this is a 6Mp cam ..

Canon A650, 12Mp cam , not expecting much at ISO800 so I took shots at IOS800 at the same time and focal length of the same scene in A mode and Resized the A650s shots to the same 6Mp of the S6500 and sharpened them to combat resize diffraction

and here are the 100% Crops - I've also added the 100% Crops from the 12Mp full size A650 shot ..

the Bloody A650 actually WINS !! Fuji used too much NR and it watercolours out - I like the 6500 up to ISO400 but 800 and 1600 are best in RAW where you can do your own NR but comparing JPGs, the A650 makes a better 6Mp ISO800 shooter than the super Fuji .. It'll be compared to the legendary F30 next !! (no not the 5D - LOL)

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