Sony drops their bomb ---- A700 is here

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Re: Sony drops their bomb ---- A700 is here

How I love a good descussion.

One doesn't have to waffle to make a point, and I simply stated my feeling. A friend of mine has the Alpha and let me play with it and I thought that it felt like a toy.

During the years that I built prototypes and advised designers on their designs, cameras of different descriptions cam up from time to time. Along with medical equipment, mobile phones, electronic kitchen equipment, tools, computers even bus shelters and Heathrow check in desks. If it's mass produced we prototyped it. This gave me a bit of experience into products that I think gives me some insight into having an opinion on how something handles.
If you know better and can convince then please argue your point.

Or are you justa Sony owner who would hate to admit there is anything wrong with the choice that you are now stuck with?

shaocaholica wrote:

I would defend any product against wild claims of "feeling like a
toy" with the connotation that it has inferior design without much
thought to real world performance. If you are so experienced in the
matter, you should make more thought out posts because your previous
one did not sound like one coming from a person with the credentials
you just posted and even if you are a seasoned "prototype builder and
model maker in industrial design", that doesn't necessarily make you
an expert on camera structural design unless you deal with similar
items in your line of work. Perhaps you should express your thoughts
with more than just your credentials.

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