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Re: my experience with SLRs/DSLRs and rain

optical_illusion wrote:

Perhaps film cameras are often more trustworthy than DSLRs when it
comes to durability in severe situation such as rain. Basically
electric stuff and rain are not good friends with each other.

Of course, I don't recommend getting a camera wet, but I had my Canon 300D out in the rain all day in Japan in back in 2003. It was raining a lot (not just a drizzle) and I had a small umbrella, but in trying to shoot while keeping the camera fairly dry it still got quite wet. Occasionally, I would wipe it off, but within minutes it was quite wet again. The lens too. I had a UV filter on the lens (Tamron 28-75mm f2.8) and a lens hood, but I still had to clean and dry the filter many times. My KM 7D got fairly wet in France several times (although not as wet as the 300D in Japan). My Canon 30D got a bit wet several times in Thailand last year and again in Japan. All of them were fine. Again, I don't recommend it, but I buy my gear to use so if I want to use it when it is raining, I use it.

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