Not really 920,000 pixels.. :(

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You think that's bad... (link).

... check out Canon's 'weatherproofing' on the 40D!!! I'd rofl, if it didn't P me off so bad.

Love the com on there "That CF door sealing looks as useful as a New Orleans levee!" Lol.

Seems the marketing teams are off the leash in this industry and BS is rampant. This year more than ever.

Personally, I'd like to blame Sony. They are notorious for their marketing and it seems like Canon/Nikon felt that they must now compete at a new level in that area. Ironically, it seems like (other than the claim of 4stop in-cam IS), Sony have actually been rather conservative in the 'lying' dept (as non-marketing people like to call it).

Perhaps they're just too subtle. Their BS is probably so slick that I could slide to the moon and back on it without noticing.

Canon/Nikon, ramped up the BS, but didn't get it quite as wet and slippery as Sony's which can slide right past you and into your subconcious.

Anyone see that story about Sony adding secret files customers' computers via root-kits hidden in Sony software?! Holy...!
Marketing has gone mad.

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