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Re: Don't start getting real

optical_illusion wrote:

Wow.. Pentax confirmed it.. that would be an unbiased source..

My mistake. To be correct, they confirmed the camera was durable even
if the user used it in heavy rain as if a bucked of water got turned
over. The source is this article (interview with the designer).

The K10D seems like a great camera.. it was on my short list of places to go if Sony screwed this one up.

But there is marketing spec and real life and I am curious if you beleive that statement enough to test it on your camera. It might work even for 9 of ten.. I just wouldn't want to be #10 .. counting on it when my camera water logs.

also isn't this dependent on using sealed lenses (how many to choose from?)

This is not a challene to the K10D.. just an interestin discussion of how much faith we put into marketing statments
Ken - KM 5D

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