Sony drops their bomb ---- A700 is here

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Re: Sony drops their bomb ---- A700 is here

JulesJ wrote:

Someone who isn't in the know eh, and you are?
Twenty one years as a prototype builder and model maker in industrial
design and lifetime in photography starting with a Brownie 127 and
currently using a D2X. What would I know I know about tactileness?
And your credentials may I ask. A Sony owner defending their choice I
would guess.

I would defend any product against wild claims of "feeling like a toy" with the connotation that it has inferior design without much thought to real world performance. If you are so experienced in the matter, you should make more thought out posts because your previous one did not sound like one coming from a person with the credentials you just posted and even if you are a seasoned "prototype builder and model maker in industrial design", that doesn't necessarily make you an expert on camera structural design unless you deal with similar items in your line of work. Perhaps you should express your thoughts with more than just your credentials.

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