Can GX100 meet Low light and DR challenge?

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Can GX100 meet Low light and DR challenge?

Most digital cameras with small sensors have low light handling problems as well as inadequate DR. I looked throgh some of my recent pics to see how GX fared in these areas. You can't expect full sensor results but can you be happy with what the GX100 has to offer?

First some low light shots. Because of a quite capable IS system the results can sometimes surprise you. It means you can get away without resorting to very high ISO settings where things fall apart for most small cameras.

Handheld. ISO 154. 1/5 sec exposure. No flash. Just about perfect color with auto WB. Room lighting.

Dim cathedral lighting. Handlheld. ISO 154. 1/5 sec exposure. Auto WB

Handheld. ISO 400. 1/12sec exposure. I didn't expect much here seeing that the escalators were moving and I was using slow speed. The IS took care of my shakes and good luck took care of motion blur. Again hooray for 24mm. Love it.

Inside a shop. Handheld. ISO 154 1/23sec exposure.

When all else fails use the flash. Flash. Bad word for Ricoh GX100. I had nothing but trouble with over exposures and erratic results. Seems better now with the last firmware update. But here is one that turned out.

DR work outs:

Harsh lighting. Mid day. No clouds. Black Horse. White Robe.

Light and shade.

Light and shade

Black and white in harsh light.

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