Hands on with the new A700

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Re: Hands on with the new A700

Les Leventhal wrote:

tleveque wrote:

By the way, if you want to do that, use the Canada Post

"borderfree.ca" service.

I just went to the borderfree site. I don't quite understand it.
Why is it better than just phoning or emailing a US supplier and
placing an order?

It is just that with that service, your are totally sure of the final price. No surprise. What you will pay will include the total shipping and any duty fees or handling fees.

Sometime, when using other services, you will have to pay some extra fees at the reception of the package. And you never know how much before.

And for item at a hight price like a camera, well it is good to know before. And it help to make comparison.

The only bad side is that the choice or merchants is very limited....

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