Sony drops their bomb ---- A700 is here

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It's not the same sensor

Diddlbiker wrote:
I don't see why not. I cannot believe Sony would develop two 12MB
APS-C CMOS sensors (something they haven't done before)

AFAIK the 14 bit on the D300 are coming out of a 12 bit sensor by
doing some fancy tricks during the readout of the sensor.

johnnygate wrote:

it has 12 bit on the sensor... Nikon has 14 bit on the sensor. Its
not the same sensor as the D300....

Nikon has designed & developed their new sensor, and they have about 30 patent on the design and inventions on that new sensor. So it's very expensive for Sony to make the same sensor.

And after all, is it so important who builds the sensor - I mean if you compare the Alpha 100 and the D80 it's a big difference in the final result - THE PICTURE. Just shoot a picture inhouse without flash and you wil se what i mean.

The sensor is stupid - it's the algorithms around the sensor who makes the stunning results. I prefer a medium sensor with great algorithms instead of a great sensor with bad algorithms....



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